Regulated Nervous System. Unbelievable Calm. Exceptional Leadership.

Stop driving your business into burnout and bottlenecking your growth with an overtaxed nervous system. Start rewiring with proven, cutting edge techniques so you can scale your success on cruise control.

Your business shouldn’t feel like all seven sequels of the Fast and the Furious.

Regulate your nervous system and rewire your brain so you can run your business and life on cruise control.

If you’re a high performer, you might be frying your system day in and out trying to keep all the balls in the air, grow and manage your team, and scale your business for the most success.

The problem is that often comes at a cost: you’re constantly stressed, burnt out, or exhausted, stuck in unhealthy patterns you know aren’t working for you, or losing precious time, energy, and most importantly: presence for your loved ones. You’re not afraid of the chaos (hello, high achiever, I see you) but you are kind of tired of it, and you know there’s a better way.

As the expert who’s here to support you, so do I.

It’s called Nervous System Renovation – a combination of regulation and rewiring that helps you change your internal stress temperature so you feel more calm and at ease, grow more sustainably and are able to make confident, stable decisions in how you hire, lead, invest, and grow.

Instead of always revving up to keep things moving, what we really want is to downshift you so you can find your cruise control, then speed up with efficiency, ease, and flow for the long road ahead.

Hi, I’m Marianne,

a performance coach for high-achieving visionaries and leaders who are ready to rewire their nervous systems to become infinitely resilient in the face of inevitable stress. I use cutting edge, proven techniques and tools, and provide high-level support so you can scale your business, build a top notch team, and make the money and impact you want without so much burnout, stress, and exhaustion. 


My Nervous System Renovation process is a private, 1:1 mentorship program that works on three specific areas of life and entrepreneurship to help you manage your time, team, and make consistently clear, calm decisions that are centered in certainty


As a clinical psychotherapist turned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, I both know exactly what it’s like to manage the unique challenges of growing a business and what’s scientifically proven to help you navigate them for success.

Because my clients are high-profile high-achievers, and I respect their privacy – you won’t find a lot of public-facing testimonials here. That said, after working with me, entrepreneurs tend to:

….Even when shit is hitting the fan!

They find their old default of gunning the engine, slamming the brakes, or asking someone without a license to drive… starts to deeply shift.

And instead, they take the wheel confidently, set their cruise control speed, enjoy the ride… and actually get to their destination without blowing out a tire (or having a meltdown if they do).


I only work with a few entrepreneur clients at a time, and require a minimum 6- month commitment – because that’s the time it takes to begin to create real lasting results. 

Together, we’ll embark on the inner adventure of a lifetime, renovate your nervous system, and rewire your energy for presence, joy, resilience, and your most powerful, effective leadership.

If you’re ready to let go of the inner chaos, and find a sustainable energy to lead a more productive, joyful business and team – 

Let’s rewire!

Please fill out this form below to let me know more about you, and book your consult.

Over the past 25+ years, I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs and leaders in various fields, create sustainable peace in their relationships, businesses, and lives.

And it’s possible for you too!

What My Clients Say...

I hired her a few years ago. I was maximal stressed working a job and trying to grow a business in every spare moment – burning the candle at both ends burning myself out quickly.

She helped me have a perspective shift – I got out of my own head, into my art studio, gave myself some space to create, changed my language of how I was speaking to myself which was everything!

AND!!!! Got my first client and this was after spending thousands with “business coaches”

Thank you my friend.

Steph Shinabery, Founder and CEO
Genius Code Academy

Marianne is a highly skilled coach who helped me recognize my behaviors and experience that prevented me from being the leader I aspired to be. Her expertise in trauma informed care, helped me increase my knowledge and skills and create a more productive and compassionate workplace. She is one of the most insightful and knowledgeable practitioners that I have worked with and I am forever changed.

K Thompson, CEO
Alliance for Living, LLC

Being an entrepreneur can be a very lonesome and stressful journey; anxiety, comparison to others, and self doubt are with you constantly, so it’s really great to have Marianne in your corner rooting you on. With compassion, understanding and that gentle yet unrelenting push just when you need it, Marianne helps you question your negative beliefs and see the situation from an alternate point of view. By challenging you to ask yourself questions like “what if it all worked out?” she makes what at first looked to be impossible, possible.

Viktoria Van Leeuwen, CEO
Best Life 4 Pets